Recipients / Rotary Projects

Sunrise Rotarians hope you enjoy your time, whether on our challenging 25, 50, or 100 mile ride through the gorgeous countryside or strolling along the banks of the Columbia River on our Loop Trail Adventure. As participants your registration fees help fund numerous civic projects endorsed by our club. They include:

Challenge Scholarships education incentives

Every student deserves a good education. But, some at-risk students need incentives to finish high school. Your registration fees help us challenge these young people to stay in school, graduate, and go on to college, with a two-year scholarship that covers the equivalent cost of attending Wenatchee Valley College for two years.

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Senior Dinner

A dinner to honor our senior citizens.  We used to do this on an annual basis, but ended the tradition in 2006 due to a conflicting commitment. In 2016 we decided to reinvigorate this once great event and provide a free dinner and entertainment to our local seniors.

Rotary Polio Eradication efforts

Rotary International has spearheaded a world wide effort to eradicate polio. This effort has been extremely successful as we continue to approach our goal.

Kids Against Hunger relief program

Kids Against Hunger packages highly nutritious, life saving meals for starving children and malnourished children and their families in developing countries and the United States. The goal of the organization is for its meals to provide a stable nutritional base from which recipient families can move their families from starvation to self-sufficiency.

Shelter Box - Disaster Relief assistance (FORMER PROJECT)

Shelter Box is a grassroots Rotary club project which has rapidly grown to an international level. The purpose of Shelter Box is to deliver immediate relief to victims of natural and other disasters anywhere around the world. Disasters to which we have responded include earthquakes, hurricanes, wars, floods, landslides, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, and typhoons. We achieve our mission by providing rugged 10 - person tents to be used as emergency accommodation and other survival essentials as required. As of January 2008, Shelter Box has sent aid to over 40 different countries, providing shelter for approaching 500,000 people.

International Student Exchange program

For over 75 years, students and host families have broadened their horizons through Rotary Youth Exchange. More than 80 countries and over 8,000 students each year participate in the program, which is administered at the regional level by Rotary districts and at the local level by Rotary clubs.

Passport Club (Former Project)

Sunrise Rotarians sponsor the Passport Club in some Wenatchee area elementary schools. The Passport Club is a year long program that provides 3-5 grade students a chance to learn world geography in a fun and interesting way.

Various local community support project

For over 25 years Wenatchee Sunrise Rotary has taken an active part in enriching our community in various ways.  Whether through financial assistance or supplying the needed manpower or supplies our club has participated in numerous projects throughout the Wenatchee Valley.  The Centennial Park band shelter, the Bruce Hotel, Rotary Park, and the Trusting Spirit Horse Rescue facility are just a few of the local projects we have been actively involved in.  From helping with yard cleanup, building a wheelchair ramp, painting a house or providing school supplies to those kids in need, Wenatchee Sunrise Rotary is proud to offer what assistance we can to those less fortunate and seeking help.  As our motto says:  Service Above Self.